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Dear Self, How’s January?

Dear Self,

どうもありがとうございました、ワンオクロック。Thank you very much, ONE OK ROCK.

I have seen that the ONE OK ROCK concert last January 19 has become a turning point in your life right now. I have read your blogs about the encounter and I will be honest that I have felt your heart and soul in those posts. And I am glad that for the first time in months, I have seen a genuine smile on your face. Congratulations on that! I am really happy for you. I mean it, really. Please do believe that I really am.

I also have heard that you have made a grand decision recently. I am glad that finally, you have made your choice. And I support you all the way with that decision. Yes, I do. I mean it, really. Please do believe that I really am.

I also have seen that today, you have gone to Palma Hall Annex once again. Yes I still prefer to call that building that way. I have seen that you cried once more. A lot, as always. But I have seen the difference in your tears from 5 months ago. I have felt that at last, the tears are not from sorrow and solitude. Finally, I tasted a hint of triumph and moving on from your tears. Yes, Sheen, at long last, I can sense optimism from your tears. And I am overwhelmingly commending you for that.


I just want you to feel that I am with you in this journey. I don’t just want you to know that fact. I want you to embody it. This time, I am 100% yours. I will support you in every aspect of this journey. Together, we will take baby steps. I will never force you. Not again. If you don’t want to do it, we won’t. We will follow what’s in your heart. We will listen to it. We will do that together. That, I will.

“Take my hand and bring me back.” – The Beginning, ONE OK ROCK

“It finally begins.” – The Beginning, ONE OK ROCK




sheen name copy


How Filipinos Mesmerized ONE OK ROCK

If you were the artist, would you not ask for more? Here’s my take on how ONE OK ROCK promised Manila that they will come back for another mind-blowing performance.

Rhythmic Feels

When you experience something for the first time, what makes you crave for more of that? What makes you say, “I want more”?

Last January 19, the Japanese band ONE OK ROCK happened to have their very first sip of the world-renowned Filipino potion for hospitality. (To know more about the band, read my article on Rappler.) And after all the headbanging and jumping throughout their performance at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City, the potion inside their bodies had finally taken into full effect, making vocalist Taka Moriuchi promise the Pinoy fans that this would not be their last. He even etched the words in his Instagram account, further sealing the pact for the world to see.

Even their agency, Amuse Inc…

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How to Deliver a Message to ONE OK ROCK?

I started writing open “thank you” letters to the Japanese band, ONE OK ROCK, last April 2015, the first being a greeting for vocalist Taka Moriuchi’s birthday. (READ: A Birthday Greeting from Manila.) My blog posts were personal, but they were also an embodiment of all the sincerest gratitude of the fans, especially those who had been to hell and saved by the undying light embedded in the band’s music. “I’ll be the voice to those who don’t have one,” said their song Nothing Helps. And true enough, the band had been voicing out all the deepest feels of millennials like us, ever since their first album in 2007, Zeitakubyou.

I tried sharing these blog posts to every venue I knew, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and others, even tagging all the prominent names, with the hopes that the band could at least read one of them. I had been writing and sharing since the end of last year. I was not sure if the messages were received though.

Last January 19, ONE OK ROCK took the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City by storm. Pulp Live World, the Philippine organizer for the band’s 35xxxv Asian Tour, called their most valued concert package as “Pulp Royalty.” And I am lucky enough to get one of the very limited slots for this event. Right before the concert, a Meet and Greet occurred to give these 50 or so people their most awaited royal treatment. And I had only one goal that afternoon, to hand in my letter of gratitude to Taka, Tomoya, Toru and Ryota themselves, to assure myself that the messages arrive on their hands, safely.

letters to ONE OK ROCK
Letters to ONE OK ROCK. Left to right, clockwise: “Taka san he… (To Taka…).” ; “Tomoya san he… (To Tomoya…)” ; “Tooru san he… (To Toru…)” ; “Ryota san he… (To Ryota…).”


The royalties assembled for the Meet and Greet in front of the arena at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, with speculations on what could happen circling around. Would we be given a chance to have our CDs signed? How close could we get to them? A hug hopefully? Would we be able to hand our gifts personally? That was the one I was really wishing for to happen. Aside from my personal letters, I also made customized shirts for them, with designs especially made by me.

before meet and greet copy
With my friends, Roxanne and Gemdrei, while waiting for the meet and greet.

After an hour, the security inspected our things and we now went inside and lined near a door. Further waiting was nothing as we can hear Taka’s voice, resonating through the walls during sound check, as the band tried to perfect the songs Last Dance and Stuck in the Middle. We were instructed that we could hand in our presents at the Meet and Greet and that gave a smile on my face.

After more or less another couple of hours waiting, finally, a man in white came out from the door, carrying a big plastic box. He then said that we could not give the band a hug nor a kiss. We could only have a hand shake. We also could not have our CDs signed because we would have our very own signed posters later. Then we can also get our photos taken, either one by one or with friends. Sounds good, right? But the worst part of this announcement was when he instructed us to put all our gifts in the box he was carrying. Apparently, we could no longer hand in anything to them. The smile on my face faded away. How sure were we that these gifts would really get to them? I had no choice but to put my precious shirts in the box. But no one could stop me from delivering my letters personally.

I attached my letters to my calling cards as a writer, hoping to have a formal impression, so I would be allowed to hand in anything to them, hopefully. And then the doors to the Meet and Greet room finally opened.

『めいしです。』”MEISHI DESU.”

After 10 long years, I started studying my Japanese language again last May 2015. (READ: Learning 日本語.) By the end of last year, I was able to finish the first three courses for beginners at the Department of Linguistics, University of the Philippines Diliman. During my third Japanese course, our oral examination was a conversation with our 先生 (sensei or teacher), and my 日本語 (nihongo or Japanese language) skills just all went down the drain. I panicked and all I could say was 『おはようございます。(ohayou gozaimasu or good morning 』. During our Christmas party, I was able to meet a real Japanese for the yukata-wearing activity. She talked to me in Japanese and all I could say was 『こんにちは (konnichiwa or hello) 』.

But I still prepared and intended to do a short じこしょうかい (jikoshokai or self-introduction) for the band on Meet and Greet, just in case panic did not tag along with me that afternoon.

one ok rock pulp royalty
A royal identification.

It all went like this: a handshake with each member, and we could say whatever we wanted, a few clicks on the camera and off we go. I thought the jikoshokai would be too long for this. I was a bit panicky already now that my plans were all messed up. I got my 35xxxv CD and my letters. But the bouncer came to me telling me I could not have it signed. I knew. I understood. All I wanted was a photograph with the CD and the band. But he still insisted. I handed my CD to him, with the promise that he would give it back in time for my photograph. But I kept the letters. Only me and the boys could touch these precious letters.

Finally, it was the moment I was waiting for. Drummer Tomoya Kanki was the first in line. I shook his soft hands, stared at his small but meaningful eyes and said, “『めいしです。(Meishi desu. A calling card.)』I was staring at both our hands grasping each other when he accepted my calling card (and letter). I continued to Taka and his gleaming puppy eyes with the same routine. Guitarist Toru Yamashita was next, followed by bassist Ryota Kohama. And I just stared at my hands, while embracing the boys’ hands, as I watched how they got the card from me.

ONE OK ROCK 35xxxv
My 35xxxv Limited Edition CD and DVD.

I posed at the space between Taka and Toru for the photograph, as I felt Taka’s hand reaching for my shoulder. We stayed like that for maybe a few clicks but it felt forever. Forever, because finally I happened to look at the boys eye to eye. And also forever, because the bouncer took forever to hand in my CD. My turn ended and he was nowhere to be found. I got worried. I was so worried I rushed away to find him, and by doing that I forgot to thank the boys. I knew that was the most stupid thing I did that evening. I saw the bouncer near the exit and he handed me the CD and my things.


I entered the event bowl and positioned myself at the barricade at the VIP 1 area. My mission was accomplished, right? But why am I a bit sad?

I wished I had more presence of mind during that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I was really bad with face-to-face interactions. But I was good with all written stuff. I wished that my letters get to introduce me better than what I did there. And I really wished they get to read the “maraming maraming salamat (thank you very much)” that I wrote there.

While waiting for the band to finally go on stage, maybe my friends, Roxanne and Gemdrei noticed that I was a bit sad. Roxanne asked for my phone and typed a message. She said that right after my turn, a Japanese guy, maybe the band’s manager, asked to have my calling card from Taka. But Taka said, “No, it’s ok.” And then he put my calling card/ letter inside his pocket.

Confirmed. Mission accomplished.

sheen copy
A smile of triumph. Photo by Roxanne Uyan.

They would read them, right?

Dear Self… Love, Sheen

Dear Self,
How are you? Are you feeling good? What do you want to do today? What do you want to eat? Where do you want to go?

Yeah I know. I know I haven’t asked you these things ever since. I let the outside world dictate the answers to these questions. I just let them took control of you and worse, I never even bothered to ask you what you really wanted.

Photo by Ami Gatchalian.

I tried to conform to the needs and wants of the outside world, not realizing that I was already disregarding your voice. But forgive me for doing so. The circumstances around me thought my young mind that society would only accept those who were like them.

And I WAS doing well, which made me believe that I WAS a truly versatile person, or maybe just a GREAT PRETENDER. I WAS able to perform enthusiastically to all the worlds that I needed to belong to. So I THOUGHT these WERE what YOU also wanted. Maybe that was what I also learned. I HAD ALWAYS ASSUMED.

I never realized that you had been the source of the flame of passion and determination inside me. And you had been exerting all the effort just to keep that flame burning and make me go on with life. And that was your way of REACHING OUT.


But I was busy conforming to the outside world, even using that flame to fuel myself to things that you never really wanted. And now, YOU ARE TIRED of trying to keep that flame alive, because I never really used it to benefit you, to benefit myself. And yes, I wasn’t even able to notice that the flame had been dying down. I just woke up one day and found myself in total darkness. The flame had completely been extinguished.

dark copy

And I lived inside that black thing for the past few months. The nothingness had been literally paralyzing.  I could not feel my body at all. It was like drifting onto a velvet infinity, not even knowing why or how. And this sense of ignorance became too overwhelming that I eventually drowned into it.

I struggled to keep myself afloat. When I rose up from the choking nothingness, surprisingly, I found light. Once again, I was able to see things. And through that reignited light, I saw you, crying yourself out at the corner of the apartment. I tried to hug you but I was frozen the moment I realized what I had been doing to you. Your tears told me that they had been uncontrollable since I fell into that darkness. Forgive me.


But I had awaken now. I had already found the light. The road might still be foggy, but at least I could see a path that I could take. I did not know where it would lead me nor if this was the right path or not. I had been living a life full of uncertainties lately so when something finally came into focus, I knew it meant something. I might not know now why this particular thing suddenly resurfaced, but I knew the reason would come in time.

A new road. Photo by Nessa Gabrillo.

I think one of the good things about falling into that pit is that it has given me the chance to talk to you, something that I have never been doing. Through these internal conversations, I have realized that I never really have known you. Forgive me once again for this. I hope you will let me know you deeper.

Grabbing the light. Photo by Karah Decapia.

So now, Self, I promise that I will not leave your side anymore. Together, we shall face each trial. I know it has been difficult for you keeping that flame alive all by yourself. I am with you now. Together, let us keep this fire burning. And we will do it one step at a time. There is no need to rush. From now on, I will take it easy for both of us. And I really wanted to thank you for understanding me all these years.

So as 2015 ends, let us free ourselves from all the baggage of the past and welcome 2016 with a smile of happiness on our faces.

You have already moved on. Congratulations, self.



Ima no jibun wo muda ni suru na. (Don’t let who you are now go to waste) – Nandome no aozora ka? (How Many Blue Skies Have There Been?), Nogizaka46


sheen name copy

I wish you had taught me…


I wish you had taught me how to say, “Hi.”
I wish you had taught me how to say, “How are you?”
I wish you had taught me how to say, “Let’s play.”
So I never had been playing alone… all the time.

I wish you had taught me how to listen.
I wish you had taught me how to lend my ears.
I wish you had taught me how to open my heart.
So they had never left me all alone.

I wish you had taught me how to say, “See you later.”
I wish you had taught me how to say, “Will I see you again?”
I wish you had taught me how to say, “Until next time.”
So I never had ended all my goodbyes with a period.

I wish you had taught me how to say, “Please stay.”
I wish you had taught me how to say, “I need someone right now.”
I wish you had taught me how to ask for help.
So I never forced myself to carry all the weight.

I wish you had taught me how to express.
I wish you had taught me how to say what I really felt.
I wish you had taught me how to let it all go.

I wish you had taught me how to trust.

I wish you had taught me how to stop crying.

I wish you had taught me…

Or at least had showed me how…



PUBLISHED: The Coolest Japan Experience in the Philippines

The Viewfinder covered the Cool Japan Festival last November 7 and 8. Read the full story on Rappler. Link and more photos of AKB48 on the original blog. ありがとうございます。

The Viewfinder

Authentic Japanese drum performance? Sushi-making from certified Japanese chefs? Yamada Nanami from AKB48’s Team 8? No, we were not talking about Tokyo. Last November 7 and 8, at Trinoma mall, Quezon City, the Philippines experienced a different and authentic perspective of Japan through the Cool Japan Festival 2015.

AKB48’s Team 8 in Manila.

“The event, being an effort to empower the cultural and economic friendship between the two countries, was an exchange of the coolest Japanese traditions and trends, and the warmest Filipino values” said the article that the Viewfinder wrote for Rappler. Catch the rest of the viewpoints that enlightened Filipinos about the Japanese culture in my published piece entitled, “IN PHOTOS: Highlights from Cool Japan Festival 2015.”

Take a glimpse of some of the other photos that the Viewfinder was able to summon through her lenses.

The lovely ladies of AKB48:

AKB48 (3) copyIMG_5439 copy

Niigata’s Sato Shiori.

Kyoto’s Nao Ota.

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The Dark… still

I opened my eyes once again. This time, I really felt it. I was certain that I was the one who opened my eyes.


malinta tunnel lateral tunnel copy


It was cold and the place remained black. Traversing in this darkness for quite some time now, my eyes seemed to have adjusted somehow. I found myself in a fetal position, as I float through this nothingness. I was floating. Yes, I was sure that that was the right sensation. I tried straightening up. And to my surprise, my body really did move. There was a bit of relief to know that I could control my body now.

I drifted through this nothingness, slowly, one small step at a time. The continuous movement produced some warmth. And that somehow made me feel better.

But despite moving forward, I still could not see anything. There was literally nothing in here. And somehow I need to stop. I started having difficulty breathing. This nothingness… it’s drowning me.




A sequel to the entry The Dark


All for the New One?

This time, I exited the Palma Hall Annex (PHAN) building in the University of the Philippines at four in the afternoon. And all I wanted to do next was to cry more. It seemed that the couple of hours spent crying inside the establishment was still not enough. I plugged my earphones again. I heard Toru’s strings. The song was A New One for All, All for the New One. My phone sure knew how to set the mood for this afternoon’s walk. It wanted a song that produces a lot of sighs.

Taka sang, “Kono you ni…” Yes, it was one of their Japanese songs. My phone might have sensed that maybe, for this afternoon, I needed to shut my ears and let my heart listen. Yes, this was how we fan girls had been doing things since the beginning. Language had never been a barrier. We had acquired the art of listening through the heart. I asked what it was hearing. Then it automatically sent melancholy all over my system.

There were a lot of students now flocking the line of stores near the Main Library. It sure was the hour when most classes ended. Taka continued singing in Japanese, “futatsu wa hitotsu sa.” I recognized this line from the song. Futatsu meant “two” and hitotsu was “one.” The line was saying something like “two is one.” My Nihongo listening comprehension skills were improving. And that was my ears working there. All my heart could hear was longing.

I started to hear Tomoya’s slow drumming. I now reached the Gonzales Hall steps. Taka sang “Anata wa hikari to natta no?” Anata was “you.” Hikari was “light.” Natta was a conjugation of the verb “became.” He was asking if I had become the light. It might have been a follow-up on last time’s walk, when I listened to their song Be the Light. But sorry Taka, I was not able to. And so now, everything was getting heavier and heavier.

sunken copy
The Sunken Garden and the Main Library.

I took a right turn from the library and went to the Sunken Garden, where balls and frisbees were flying around. Ryota’s strumming had now surfaced. Taka said, “Mada mada jikan ga kakari sou.” Mada was the expression “still.” Jikan meant “time.” Kakari was the word for “to take.” By now, you might have gotten the translation. Yes Taka, I have always known that everything would be taking time. But I was taking my time also, to carry all the emotional load.

The sky started to acquire some oranges and indigos. Taka continued, “Donna kanashimi ni mo namida wo nagasunda ne.” Donna would be “what kind of.” Kanashimi would be something “sad.” Namida were “tears.” Nagasunda was a conjugation for the verb “to flow.” And true enough, tears started falling as I sat on the grass, docking my head over my knees. I continued to be in that condition until the song approached its end.

Taka told his parting lines, “Sayonara wa iwanai yo, chikaku ni iru to shinjiteiru kara.” Sayonara was “goodbye.” Iwanai would be “not to say.” Chikaku was something “near or close.” Shinjiteiru was a conjugation of the verb “believing.”

“I won’t say goodbye because I’m close to believing.”

Taka, when could these words come out of my own mouth?

Apparently, the realization inside PHAN that afternoon was true. No matter what language it would be in, ONE OK ROCK music would always be a form of therapy for me.

FEATURED: Why I raced for those ONE OK ROCK Tickets

I really wanted to meet them so I can thank them PERSONALLY for changing my life.

Yes, this had been the main reason why I raced for those meet and greet tickets for the ONE OK ROCK in Manila concert on January 19.

How could a band change someone’s life? Find the answer as fellow blogger, Mei Manuel, featured me on her blog.

ph flag copy
Yes, once again, ONE OK ROCK, thank you very much for guiding me out of hell. Just continue making songs that change people’s lives. 😀

On January 19, 2016, SM MOA Arena will be filled with overwhelming headbangs, for the first time, from ONE OK ROCK’s 35xxxv Asian Tour.

Three days after the announcement, Royalty tickets, which include Meet and Greet privileges, have already been sold out. And on September 26, the first day of the official ticket sales, the VIP tickets (Standing 1 and 2) have already been sold out within the first two hours. So hurry and grab your tickets now, exclusively at SM Tickets outlets nationwide. This event is co-presented by Pulp Live World and 28 Black.

Rock Stars Are Poets: Soul Asylum

Can you help me remember how to smile?

Song and lyrics by Soul Asylum


Rockstars Are Poets: P.O.D.

“I think the hardest part of holding on is letting it go.”

All music and lyrics by P.O.D.

Being the Light


“Just a thought of another day. How did (I) end up this way?” whispered Taka of ONE OK ROCK, once again, inside my earphones as I walked outside the Palma Hall Annex building at the University of the Philippines Diliman.

Tonight, it was not raining. The stars were beautifully staring at me as a took a new route for tonight’s walk: the Roces Street or what was popularly known as the Freshie walk.

“It all changed on that day, sadness and so much pain,” Toru’s guitar strums carried the message. It was seven in the evening, maybe a bit late now to see the path full of freshmen walking home from their classes at Palma Hall to their residence at the Kalayaan Dormitory.

I reached Roces St. corner Osmena Avenue where a group of friends giggled as they jogged their way passed me. “Anyone can close their eyes, pretend that nothing is wrong,” said the song as Ryota’s bass guitar reached my soul.

“You can touch the sorrow here. I don’t know what to blame,” Taka’s voice was reaching the next octave as I stretched out for my jacket inside my bag. It took me a while tonight to realize the coldness of an October evening.

Taka asked me, “How to forget?” I did not know what to answer him as I crossed Magsaysay Avenue.

As I reached the Kalayaan Dormitory, Taka gave the answer to his question, “Open your eyes and look for light.”

I turned right at Laurel Avenue. Taka reminded me of what happened to me last year, “You have seen hell and made it back again.” I froze at the sidewalk near the UP Consumer’s Coop building.

Yes, I already had made it back from hell.

Taka continued, “Then you realize that wherever you go, there you are, time won’t stop so we keep moving on.”

A drop fell, not from the sky, but from my eye. “We can’t choose the reason why but we can choose what to do from the day after,” the song resonated on my head as my feet started to move, following the beat of Tomoya’s drums.

I now had reached the Shopping Center. Upon entering the passage full of people, I wiped the tears from my eyes.

“Yesterday’s night turns to light. Tomorrow’s night returns to light.”

“Be the light,” Taka said, lastly, as I introduced him to the famous tapsilog of Rodic’s.

light shadows contrast

This post is a sequel to Decisions.

Song and lyrics by ONE OK ROCK



The Dark

I heard a familiar voice, but I could not pinpoint right away to whom it belonged. Her words were also faint and not loud, almost undecipherable.

dark copy

As far as I knew, everything was pitched black. Wait. Were my eyes shut? Or were they open? I could not even determine. Were they even present? I could not seem to feel them, nor any parts of my body. What is happening? Where am I? Why couldn’t I feel anything? It seemed like I was drifting away out of nowhere.

Then there was the voice again, this time louder, but I still could not understand any word of it.

The sound faded away and I was left with the darkness again. Black. It was just so dark. Now I could feel a pierce of coldness. I started to sense my toes, then my legs, my torso. I could now feel my eyes. Yes they were wide open. But I still could not see anything.

Then there was the voice again. It was now getting louder and louder.

“Help,” she said, “Help.”

I tried to move my head to the direction of the voice. But I simply could not. I tried moving my fingers, my arms, my feet but to no avail. The voice continued calling for help and I remained stuck there.

I struggled. But nothing happened. Until it finally sank in.

The voice was mine.


This is a sequel of the entry The Wall.

“80 million meters left to the top of the wall. Proponent now fully consumed.”

And this had been the dialogue of the female voice from The Wall for the past five months.

“Help. Please. Save me.”



“I can’t wait to chase the fiction home and carry on.”

Song and lyrics by the Filipino band, UP DHARMA DOWN



WALA SILA: A Filipino Version of ONE OK ROCK’s “Nobody’s Home”


When asked at the VANS Warped Tour 2014 about their type of music, vocalist Taka of ONE OK ROCK said that it was “Japanese Emo.” So how much feels could a Japanese emo song contain?

For a rockstar to be so emotional while performing at the Yokohama Arena stage was already saying a lot on a particular song. And so to escalate the feelings, guest translator April Clarisse Talingting shared with us her Filipino version of Nobody’s Home. We would call it Wala Sila. I made my own vocal cover, using April’s lyrics to accompany you while reading through the emotions and asking, “Anybody’s home?”

How are you doing? Kumusta ka?
Even though you were saying something like that, Kahit itanong ko pa
The time was past… Ang oras ay matagal nang lumipas..
Always here only, with warmth and gentleness Ito ang lugar na nag-alay ka ng kabaitan, ako’y tama ba?
you wrapped me up in that place… Para sa’kin noong lahat ay maayos pa..
but for me, I became a traitor everytime Ngunit ika’y pinagtaksilan ko pa di ba?
I just say from my heart, I’m sorry Sinasabi na ng puso ko “pasensya”
now at last I realized it Sa ngayon ay napagtanto ko na.
Nobody’s home yeah

Nobody’s home yeah

Wala na ang tahanan

Wala na ang tahanan

throwing away just about everything I ran away that day Na noon ay aking labis na pinapahahalagahan


if you remember Natatandaan mo ba? Mga alaala.
it’s just because I showed my back so strongly that time Binigyan mo ng lakas sa panahong ako’y hinang-hina
If you notice we’d broken apart Ako pala ay nawala pa sa aking landas
not knowing what to do and still regretting it Kapag hindi alam ang gagawin, nakakayamot ng sobra.
the dreams that my parents had and the dreams

that I wanted

Ang pangarap na pinangarap ko,

At ang pangarap ng magulang ko,

joining those together isn’t reality Kailanman ito’y hinding hindi magtatagpo..
But now there’s something I can say

even if we’re not far apart, there is!!

Ngunit sa panahong ikaw ay aking iniwan

Ang pagmamahal ko ay hindi ka nilisan.

Nobody’s home yeah

Nobody’s home yeah

Wala na ang tahanan

Wala na ang tahanan

even if the shape of it is given or lost Kahit na tayo pa ay mahuhulog na sa kawalan
it’s a thing that can’t be seen by the eye, for sure Ang ‘di nakikita ng ating mga mata
we’re a pair as much as we can be while we’re alive Ay nakatali na sa’tin habang tayo’y nabubuhay pa


Anybody’s home? Kayo ay nasaan?
Nobody’s home yeah

Nobody’s home yeah

Wala na ang tahanan

Wala na ang tahanan

Since me coming back is nothing but trouble Pagkat ako’y laging nagdudulot ng problema sa’yo
someday for sure I’ll get better, for sure, Sa balang araw ay nasisigurado ko
I’ll show you the scenery that I want to show you Ipapakita ko ang kabutihang dinudulot ko
Nobody’s home yeah

Nobody’s home yeah

Wala nang nasa tahanan

Wala nang nasa tahanan

from my heart, I love you, thank you Mula sa puso ko’y minamahal kita, salamat po!

On January 19, 2016, SM MOA Arena will be filled with overwhelming headbangs, for the first time, from ONE OK ROCK’s 35xxxv Asian Tour.

Three days after the announcement, Royalty tickets, which include Meet and Greet privileges, have already been sold out. And on September 26, the first day of the official ticket sales, the VIP tickets (Standing 1 and 2) have already been sold out within the first two hours. So hurry and grab your tickets now, exclusively at SM Tickets outlets nationwide. This event is co-presented by Pulp Live World and 28 Black.


Original song and Lyrics by ONE OK ROCK
Lyrics English Translation from


“No time to give, no time to take away,” sang Taka of ONE OK ROCK in my earphones as I walk along the Academic Oval inside the University of the Philippines Diliman. The concrete had been wet. It could have rained while I was inside Lagmay Hall or what was more familiar to me as the Palma Hall Annex building.

“So here we go again with my mistakes,” continued Taka as it started to drizzle. It was already eight and the chill of the October evening was now creeping through the thin material of my shirt. I reached for the jacket inside my bag as I now passed by the empty Sunken Garden.

A group of students, chatting merrily with each other, went out from the School of Economics at the corner of the Academic Oval. “You say it’s all right. You say it’s OK?,” said the song as Toru’s guitar strums intensified with the rain. “It’s up to you? Is that the truth? Tell me,” Taka’s voice lingered inside my head. I put on the hood of my jacket.

The drops got bigger and bigger. “Does that make it OK?,” continued the song as I reached for my umbrella.

“I’m feeling used,” the song started to escalate as the wind blew harder. A car drove away from the UP College of Law and splashed a gallant amount of water on me. “Will no one save me?” asked Taka through the earphones.

I was now struggling with the wind as more and more rain splattered onto the pride-stricken steps of UP College of Engineering’s Melchor Hall. “What’s best for you is less for me,” Ryota’s base guitar resonated inside my head. Soon enough, my umbrella was blown off, as I cross the street to the nearby tennis court. I ran, seeking for shelter.

“Never, never, never again,” shouted Taka as an angry streak of lightning lined the sky over the UP Cine Adarna. A loud bang of thunder followed shortly and Tomoya’s drum beats competed with it. Taka continued to scream, “It’s my life to live!”

“What’s best for them, not listening,” I ran passed by the UP College of Mass Communication as the song advanced, “It’s my decision!”

I had now reached Quezon Hall at the head of the Academic Oval. I was now dripping. The rain weakened but my breathing did not. I walked towards the UP Oblation as the song said, “I wanna be all that I can be.” It was as if the Oblation was the one telling me these words.

The rain finally stopped. “A little work, a lot of play,” Taka continued as I sat under the Oblation’s monument. I tried to stabilize my breath as Taka whispered to my ear, “Another day, another life, I wanna live it to the fullest.”

I raised my head to see the Oblation’s open arms. Above him, I saw the full moon and sang with the song, “I wanna see the light and to live for ME.”

Yes, it was MY life to live. My breathing was now normal.

“We’ll never be as young as we are now.”

I decided to stay there for a little while, there at one of the very few places where I felt at home, where I felt that I really belong.

UP sunday copy
My beloved University of the Philippines.


Song and lyrics by the Japanese band, ONE OK ROCK


“Magkahawak ang ating kamay at walang kamalay-malay na tinuruan mo ang puso ko na umibig ng tunay.”

(We held each other’s hands and I did not notice that you were already teaching my heart how to love.)


Song and Lyrics by Eraserheads, a Filipino band


LETRA’T TONO: A Filipino Version of ONE OK ROCK’s “Notes ‘n Words”

Just recently, I was browsing SoundCloud for ONE OK ROCK covers and I chanced upon an account named “Doble Cero.” This artist from Santiago, Chile featured Spanish covers of a number of Japanese songs from famous shows like Naruto, Bleach and Tokyo Ghoul, to name a few. There I saw his covers of ONE OK ROCK’s Kaimu and Etcetera. And I simply fell in love on how the Spanish language sounded with the headbangs.



I was suddenly inspired. Will there be a chemistry between the Filipino language and Japanese rock? And so I tried translating the song Notes ‘n Words. And I thought that if the Spanish language echoed sweetness, the Filipino language resonated more sincerity and commitment.



Hope this sounded right to your ears. 😛  Anyway, here’s the full lyrics for your enjoyment:


I wanna dance like no one’s watching me SASAYAW, NA TILA WALANG IBA
I wanna love like it’s the only thing I know IISA LANG, ‘YUN AY ANG MAHALIN KA
I wanna laugh from the bottom of my heart NGINGITI, NANG BUO KONG PUSO
I wanna sing like every single note and word it’s all for you AAWIT, LAHAT NG LETRA’T TONO’Y PARA LANG SA ‘YO
Is this enough? SAPAT BA ‘TO?
I wanna tell you and this is the only way I know SINASABI KONG ITO LANG ANG PARAANG ALAM KO
And hope one day you’ll learn the words and say UMAASANG IYONG MARIRINIG
That you finally see, what I see ANG TUNAY KONG NADARAMA
Another song for you about your love KANTANG TUNGKOL SA ‘YONG PAGMAMAHAL
‘cause you love the me that’s full of faults PAG-IBIG SA AKIN KAHIT GAN’TO AKO
I wish you could see it from this view SANA’Y MAKITA MULA RITO
‘cause everything around you is a little bit brighter from your love NA MAGANDA ANG MUNDO DAHIL SA’YONG PAGMAMAHAL
I wanna dance the night away with you ISASAYAW KITA SA BUONG GABI
I wanna love because you taught me to MAGMAMAHAL DAHIL TINURUAN MO
I wanna laugh all your tears away INGINGITI LAHAT NG ‘YONG LUHA
I wanna sing ‘cause every single note and word it’s just for you AAWIT, LAHAT NG LETRA’T TONO’Y PARA LANG SA’YO
Hope it’s enough? SAPAT NA BA?
I wanna tell you and this is the only way I know SINASABI KONG ITO LANG ANG PARAANG ALAM KO
And hope one day you’ll learn the words and say UMAASANG IYONG MARIRINIG
That you finally see, how I feel ANG TUNAY KONG NADARAMA
Another song for you about your love KANTANG TUNGKOL SA ‘YONG PAGMAMAHAL
‘cause you love the me that’s full of faults PAG-IBIG SA AKIN KAHIT GAN’TO AKO
I wish you could see it from this view SANA’Y MAKITA MULA RITO
‘cause everything around you is a little bit brighter from you love NA MAGANDA ANG MUNDO DAHIL SA ‘YONG PAGMAMAHAL
Not a day goes by that I don’t think WALANG ISANG ARAW NA ‘DI KA INIISIP
About you and the love you’ve given me IKAW AT ANG PAGMAMAHAL MO SA KIN
I wish you could see it from this view SANA’Y MAKITA MULA RITO
‘cause everything around you is a little bit brighter from your love NA MAGANDA ANG MUNDO DAHIL SA ‘YONG PAGMAMAHAL
Life is just so much better from your love. ANG SARAP NG BUHAY DAHIL SA’YO


This would be the start of a series of ONE OK ROCK Filipino covers. For now, I would be translating their full English songs first. I am still learning my Nihongo and hopefully, I would be able to translate their Japanese songs soon.

Rock on!



All songs and lyrics originally by ONE OK ROCK

On January 19, 2016, SM MOA Arena will be filled with overwhelming headbangs, for the first time, from ONE OK ROCK’s 35xxxv Asian Tour.

Three days after the announcement, Royalty tickets, which include Meet and Greet privileges, have already been sold out. And on September 26, the first day of the official ticket sales, the VIP tickets (Standing 1 and 2) have already been sold out within the first two hours. So hurry and grab your tickets now, exclusively at SM Tickets outlets nationwide. This event is co-presented by Pulp Live World and 28 Black.


Rockstars Are Poets: Moonstar 88

“Oo nga pala. Hindi nga pala tayo.

(Oh yeah. There was never an ‘us.’)”


Song and Lyrics by Moonstar 88, a Filipino band



“Hindi namin siya pinilit. (We didn’t force it.) Everything just happened on its own. Wide-eyed lang kami noon na we just wanted to play. We never expected to last this long. Everything was a happy accident.”

– Gabby Alipe, Vocals/ Guitar of Urbandub on their announced hiatus

“First of Summer, Last of An Era”, Pulp Magazine September 2015 issue


First of Summer by Urbandub, a Filipino rock band

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